For those people out there who have been hurt, by others and themselves. For people who thought they were never good enough, could never do anything right. The people who cry everyday from being bullied or abused. Those people who have had thoughts and attempts of suicide. Let me just tell you one thing, I have so much respect for you. You are brave and strong, you survived those hard times even if those hard times are still happening, you’re surviving and that says So much about you. That you are good enough, you are strong enough, and you are Beautiful. Don’t let a single soul tell you any different. You’re better then the people who do tell you differently, and their just jealous of who you are. I know it’s hard, I know how you feel. But you are incredible, you made it this far haven’t you? And chances are there is plenty of more bullshit coming your way in the future, but you just gotta stay strong. Leave the past behind and know, that things do get better, and that the time goes by. 

New Blog, i'm deleting this one.

I’m fucking done with this bullshit, And I mean i’m   Done. 

Lol I really need a confidence boost.